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Time Travel Exists: See For Yourself At This Throwback Video Rental Store


When the pressures of being a “real adult” start to become too much, most of us start pining for a simpler time. There is absolutely nothing compared to the simple pleasures of slowly browsing the aisles of your favorite local video rental store for a VHS tape on a Friday night preparing for a slumber party with your best school friends. Begging your parents to buy the overpriced popcorn and candy only to be told that we have food at home. Giggling with your friends over the covers of forbidden rated R movies. Eventually choosing the same three movies you rented every single weekend. The experience of picking out the movie from aisle after aisle of choices was almost better than actually watching the movie. Luckily, you can travel back to these simpler times when you go to the time machine that is Be Kind Video in Burbank. Whether you’re filled with a nostalgic longing for your past or for a time that you were never lucky enough to experience, Be Kind Video will fulfill all your wistful video rental fantasies.

Interior of a video rental store.

Be Kind Video is a throwback video rental store in Burbank with a modern twist. Whether you’re a full fledged “tapehead” or just want a more analog movie experience than normal, Be Kind Video has a little something for everyone. They offer VHS tapes, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and 4K Blu-Ray movies for rent and sale with new titles added daily. Plus, they specialize in rare, cult, and hard-to-find movies found only on home video. They’re especially known for their horror and animation collections. Rental fees range from $3-4 plus tax for 2 to 5 nights depending on your movie choice, and the store accepts cash, credit card, and Venmo. Late fees (remember those?) are $1.25 a day per movie. For those that didn’t grow up renting VHS tapes, remember to be courteous to the next viewer and rewind your tape before you return it. As the saying goes “Be kind, rewind!” If you’re looking for a unique Friday night, ride that wave of nostalgia all the way to Burbank and enjoy browsing for movies in real life.


Be Kind Video also puts on special events throughout the year. So be sure to check out their website here and follow them on Instagram here to find out more.

Location: 3601 1/2 Magnolia Blvd Burbank CA, 91505

Upcoming Events Include:

You can trade, sell, and buy VHS tapes at the first VHS Swap of 2024 on Sunday, Feb. 4th from 1-4 p.m.Reserve a spot here!

  • As You Wish – The Princess Bride Live Figure Drawing Class

You can participate in a cinematic figure drawing event inspired by “The Princess Bride” featuring a live costumed figure model and a custom curated playlist for an INCONCEIVABLE good time on Thursday, Feb. 8th starting at 8 p.m.

  • Valentine’s Match Game L.A.

Join an upgraded trivia night hosted by Chris Calogero on Wednesday, Feb. 14th starting at 8 p.m.Get tickets here!

  • Screening of Night of the Demons with Director Kevin S. Tenney

The next film in the ongoing horror film Q&A series. Director Kevin S. Tenney will be speaking after the film and doing a meet and greet on Saturday, Feb. 10th.


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