Provider Ranking of Travel Apps Sees Little Monthly Change


Traveling is a big part of many people’s New Year’s resolutions.

If it’s one of your goals this year, PYMNTS’ Provider Rankings of Travel Apps can help you figure out where to go and where to stay.

Each month, PYMNTS determines the most popular apps in the travel sector based on the number of downloads and average users, as well as other metrics. This month, the only change in the ranking is that KAYAK and Skyscanner each lost two points from last month. However, they remain in the same positions in the ranking, as do the other apps in the top 10.

Check them out below.

Provider Ranking of Travel Apps

The Top 5

No. 1 is Expedia, scoring 93 points. stays at No. 2 with 88 points.

No. 3 is Airbnb with a score of 84 points.

Scoring 82 points is TripAdvisor, which remains at No. 4.

No. 5 is Vrbo, scoring 81 points.

The Top 10

Hopper scores 80 points and stays at No. 6.

No. 7 is with 72 points.

KAYAK remains at No. 8 but loses two points to score 68.

Similarly, Skyscanner also loses two points to score 67 but stays at No. 9.

No. 10 is AllTrails, scoring 66 points.


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