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Europe’s safest holiday destination is a popular hotspot in Spain | Travel News | Travel


Travel is never entirely risk-free. However, there are a few destinations around the world where tourists are least likely to run into issues. spoke to Evva Ruuska, Riskline’s operations manager, about the safest holiday destinations in Europe.

She said: “Despite the war in Ukraine, Europe continues to attract massive inbound volumes of tourists due to its many attractions and ease of travel.

“According to the Global Peace Index 2023 as well as the Safeture-Riskline Risk Map 2024, Europe is the most peaceful region in the world.”

But where are the continent’s safest holiday destinations?

Evva said: “Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world, followed by European countries like Denmark, Ireland, Austria and Portugal.”

Iceland topped the Global Peace Index due to its political stability and low risk of violent crime.

However, tourists will need to take precautions against natural disasters in Iceland. A volcanic eruption in the town of Grindavik recently destroyed homes.

If Iceland sounds a little chilly for a summer holiday, Evva recommended a Spanish destination for Brits looking for a safe destination.

She said: “Destinations, such as Valencia, which was named the most sustainable city for 2024, as well as the Nordic capitals, attract travellers concerned about safety as well as the impact of overtourism on destinations.”

Valencia is one of Spain’s largest cities but doesn’t get nearly as many tourists as popular Barcelona.

Barcelona has struggled with overtourism in recent years, making Valencia a great choice for tourists looking for a little peace and quiet.

The Spanish city is the birthplace of paella, has easy access to beaches and a relatively low violent crime rate.

British tourists who are concerned about safety in their holiday destination can find the latest travel advice on the Government website.


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